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Soccer Poet



Welcome to the world’s most important intellectual puzzle and a chance to claim the title of Smartest Person of 2010. If you can read this post, then the Mindbender is live and it’s game on! Anyone can play, but only subscribers can compete for the really cool prize. First one to submit all the correct answers… wins. That simple.

If you don’t understand the puzzle, READ THIS.

There were several solution submitted for the preview puzzle posted in the last entry:

4 = B from L.

Kathy Barlow came the closest with 4 Boys from Liverpool but Eduardo Ibanez's dark horse entry of 4 Beers from Love was the panel’s runaway favorite. Incidentally, the correct answer is 4 Beatles from Liverpool.

One other thing… feel free to work in a group, to solicit help, whatever. However, no search engine help! No technological assistance! I’ve done my best to Google-proof this puzzle but it’s not Fort Knox. We’re on the honor system here. So cowboy up and let your brain earn its money.

To submit your finished answer sheet, use the Contact The Poet link.

Okay, without further ado. Best of luck. Think well. And remember, there are no points for second place.

0 = MM in KWF

1 = L in BMS

2 = T in DS the CITH

3 = C on F in THE

4 = NB in MG

5 = OCS in AJD with JB

6 = FOT

7 = H of HEP in SCB

8 = N of BB in B

9.5 = W in MRM

10 = I from F to C

11 = PP in CC

13 = JN of NYYAR

17 = A in DCSSW

27 = BF in PG

40 = Q in R

44 = C for FCS

50 = FD in ASM

56 = S of D of I

76 = T in the BP in MM

99 = LB in NS (GV)

118 = E in PT

200 = L in DFH

1492 = YCS the OB

4815162342 = HN on L