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Poet Primer

Poet Primer

Okay, so I’m posting two blog entries today. So if you haven’t read Ineptitude, make sure you do before checking out. Besides, this one isn’t really a blog entry. It’s more of a memo.

I am giving notice that the first edition of the Christmas Mindbender – Poet Style – will be the next blog entry. My hope is that the advance notice will put the Poet readership on some type of equal footing when it comes time to compete.

A few colleges ago I was introduced to this type of puzzle by a baseball coach named Chip. Chip handed out about two dozen of these to the coaches and assorted others and let us have at it. I was immediately hooked. Chip’s puzzle became a one-week obsession. I spent hour after hour staring at that sheet of paper trying to conquer the intellectual challenge. I was putting so much thought into solving the puzzles that one night one of the answers literally came to me in my sleep. No joke. I got out of bed and wrote it down.

The puzzle will be posted sometime in the next five or six days, so just check in from time to time so no one gets too big of a head start on you. The first subscriber to correctly submit all the correct answers will win a big fat prize courtesy of SoccerPoet. Anyone can play, but only subscribers are eligible to win. (This would be an excellent time for you to take 30 seconds and subscribe.)

The puzzle format?

You are given a number, followed by an equals sign, followed by a series of letters. The letters correspond to the number.

For example…

12 = I in F

Solution: 12 = Inches in a foot.

Here’s another…

4 = Q in D

Solution: 4 = Quarters in a dollar

Simple right? Well I can assure you that they are a lot more difficult when the solutions aren’t posted right beside them.

And just so you can have a little practice, here’s the one that was solved in my sleep…

4 = B from L

See what you can do with that.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen this, spend 3 minutes watching what may very well be the very best tradition in all of college sports. Don’t stop watching before the singing. Trust me, you’ll be happy you clicked that link.

And be sure to go back and read Ineptitude.