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Soccer Poet

Soccer Poet


Everything Your Coach Never Told You Because You're a Girl

(and other truths about winning!)

Everything Your Coach Never Told You by Dan Blank

This is what your coaches would have said to you if you were a boy, told through the story of a small-college team that won more games than it ever had a right to win. It’s an inspiring and straightforward look at the qualities that define the most competitive females, and what separates the ones who get it from the ones who don't.

Since its release, Everything Your Coach Never Told You... has developed a bit of a cult following amongst coaches and female athletes from a variety of sports. Soccer, field hockey, swimming, and basketball teams (and one equestrian team) have all rallied around this book as a their competitive anthem.

Everything Your Coach Never Told You... is the instruction manual for female athletes who want to do more than just play. It's for those girls who want to win, win big, and never apologize for it. It's the call-to-arms for competitive female athletes who dare to color outside of the lines. Not recommended for readers under the age of 13.