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Happy Feet

How to Be a Gold Star Soccer Parent: (Everything the Coach, the Ref and Your Kid Want You to Know)

Happy Feet by Dan Blank
Happy Feet is the ultimate resource for soccer parents. Written by best-selling author, Dan Blank, it will give you a better understanding of the game, its rules and terminology.

This remarkable book includes links to seven free videos that help explain soccer's more mysterious concepts such as offside, the advantage rule and systems of play. By the end of Section 1, parents with no soccer background will have a working vocabulary of this strange sport and an understanding of all its moving pieces. More importantly, Happy Feet details the most common mistakes parents make in dealing with coaches, referees and their own children. It is a practical guide to situations that every soccer parent will eventually face. Happy Feet is not a collection of sideline horror stories.

Written by a coach with more than 20 years of coaching and playing experience (and a father), Happy Feet offers a wealth of advice presented in a conversational and humorous tone. It is the definitive handbook for parents that want the best possible experience for their soccer playing children. Happy Feet will help you understand the most effective path for growing your child's love for the game while also helping you steer clear of the behaviors that cause children to fall out of love with team sports.

Discover the easiest way to have a positive relationship with your coach, how to effectively deal with playing-time issues, and learn how to talk with your child before and after a game. Plus, much, much more. 75% of youth soccer players quit by the age of 13. Happy Feet was written to combat this staggering defection rate by arming parents with everything they need to know to nurture and grow their children’s love for the game so that soccer fields from coast to coast are alive and well with the sounds of Happy Feet.