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Soccer Poet

From Dan

Coach and Author

Coach and Author

Author, coach, fan of soccer, saltwater and caving to impulse. Daddy to a beautiful daughter. Carnivore. Allergic to cold weather.

Coaching college soccer since 1991.

My personal interests? Writing, coaching soccer, fishing, surfing, sunshine, and relaxing on my favorite island.

And always grateful for the awesome feedback from folks -- whether it's from a parent, coach, or athlete -- and whether it's a speaking engagement they related to, one of my books that helped overcome a challenge, or one of the many soccer camps I've run...I truly appreciate hearing from them all.

For those of you who've read one, two or more of my books...thanks for all the support over the years. I invite readers to reach out via Twitter, Facebook, or email, and of course, feel free to write an Amazon review.